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CMI Special Lecture Series on Information, Control and Statistical Mechanics

Sanjoy Mitter, MIT

The theory of Stochastic control with Partial Observations when extended to stochastic systems with unknown parameters provides a comprehensive view of control when systems can be described using Markov Processes. Conceptually, this theory can be extended to stochastic systems, which have both a temporal and spatial dimension by describing them in terms of Markov Random Fields. The statistical mechanics of Gibbs Measures, which has a rich theoretical underpinning (See for example, H. O. Georgii: Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions: de Gruy, 1988) can be effectively used for mathematical modeling of such spatio-temporal stochastic systems. Viewed thus, Shannon's Information theory would be interpreted as the stochastic control with a non-classical information pattern of a statistical mechanical system on the integers in thermodynamic limit. The coding and decoding problem for the reliable transmission of messages over a noisy channel can be transported to the study of a Spin glass in an asymptotic regime. These ideas are discussed in the first lecture from a high level viewpoint. In the next two lectures, I discuss the interconnections that exist between Path estimation for non-linear stochastic systems, Information theory and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics. The fundamental idea is to view Bayesian Inference as minimization of an appropriately defined Free Energy. This Free Energy minimization is then given an information-theoretic interpretation. To illustrate these ideas in a concrete setting, I discuss the Kalman Filter for Gaussian Processes as a Statistical Mechanical System.

(1) Friday January 14 2005, 4:00pm, Jorgensen 74
(2) Tuesday January 18 2005, 4:00pm, Moore 070
(3) Monday January 24 2005, 1:00pm, Moore 070
(4) Tuesday January 25 2005, 4:00pm, Moore 070

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